High Altitude Sampling Committee At Large

In 1992, Micro Motion launched the ELITE line of Coriolis flow meters, my first child was born, and I had just finished the Colorado Grand Slam (all 54 14’ers).

I realized long before I finished all 54 that I would not want to stop climbing these high mountains and felt that by inviting my co-workers to experience them with me, I would have just one more reason to continue and I would also be able to share some of the great joys I had experience in life with some of the people I have most valued.  I am a firm believer that people need as many opportunities to try new things in their lives as they can get.  The more of these opportunities we grasp, the richer we are when the opportunities finally come to an end.

The name HASCAL stands for High Altitude Sampling Committee At Large, and it is a lasting tribute to the indomitable and patronizing spirit of Wally and Beaver’s friend Eddie Haskell.  Don’t ask me why; there is no reason.  I suppose it was “because he was there.”

We got off to a good start, climbing the keyhole route on Longs Peak.  Since then, participation has varied between 3 and 20 climbers each year, but we have never skipped a year.  Many faces have come and gone, but they were all smiling, and we all became better friends and colleagues out of the experiences we shared.

Now, 16 years later, both HASCAL and ELITE are going strong.  There is something to be said for putting your best foot forward.

Marc Buttler
April 7, 2008
A word from Marc Buttler the founder of HASCAL

  • HASCAL I 1992
  • HASCAL II 1993
  • HASCAL III 1994
  • HASCAL IV 1995
  • HASCAL V 1996
  • HASCAL VI 1997
  • HASCAL VII 1998
  • HASCAL VIII 1999
  • HASCAL IX 2000
  • HASCAL X 2001
  • HASCAL XI 2002
  • CANCELLED 2003
  • HASCAL XII 2004
  • HASCAL XIII 2005
  • HASCAL XIV 2006
  • HASCAL XV 2007
  • HASCAL XVI 2008
  • HASCAL XVII 2009
  • HASCAL XIX 2011
  • 2012 Skipped
  • HASCAL XX 2013 – La Plata
  • 2014 Skipped
  • 2015 Skipped
  • HASCAL XXI 2016 Mount Massive